We work to create positive impact across all bottom-lines

We work systematically with impact management to raise the bar for the real estate sector. Our Impact Framework is measurable and comprehensive, guiding us to create value for all stakeholders.

Our impact framework

Our Impact Framework describes our approach to impact management. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we have gathered existing best practice and united it in one framework. Our Framework will be made available to download very soon and we hope it will inspire others.

Our planetary impact

Towards the Planetary Boundaries

The planetary boundaries, developed by Stockholm Resilience Centre, define the absolute thresholds for what our planet can carry. As the red markings show, we are currently overshooting several of the boundaries. In other words, we use resources as if we had more than the one planet that we have.

Our goal is clear: we want to build homes within the planetary boundaries to shape a regenerative real estate sector. We’re not there yet, but our journey has begun.

That means eliminating carbon, waste and toxic materials. It means maximising circularity, biodiversity and renewable energy creation.

...and much more!

Eliminating carbon

In our first projects, we have managed to reduce the carbon per tenant to be 75% below the 2022 DGNB Gold level in Denmark.

This is a result of systematic design decisions, ambitious investments and tools such as our early-LCA “Carbon.Tool”. But we still have a long way to go.


Creating biodiversity in all the sites we build

We are in the middle of a global biodiversity crisis and the real estate sector carries its share of the responsibility.

We are committed to achieve Biodiversity Net Gain in all our development projects, meaning that there will be more biodiversity at the site after we enter than before.

In addition, we proactively manage our offsite biodiversity impact in our supply chain that stems from, e.g., the raw materials we use for our buildings.

Our social impact

Homes designed to be more affordable

We want to create diverse tenant communities with space for people from all walks of life. That’s why we design our homes to be affordable.

We push our architects to make the most of each square meter and create ample shared space for our tenants to use - from guest rooms you can book when your aunt is visiting to co-working spaces for the everyday hustle.

Treating tenants as owners

We would like to change the relationship between tenants and landlords: away with conflicts and towards more trust and transparency.

We treat our tenants like owners - and give them the opportunity to influence the communities they live in. In return, we expect them to commit to creating inclusive and sustainable communities, something we can only achieve by working together.

Live with us

Vibrant urban development

We want to take everything we know about good urban development and bring it into each of our projects. To us, the good neighbourhood is characterised by mixed users and vibrant life.

It starts with us

A company design and operating model aligned with our purpose

Home.Earth is designed and structured in a different way than a classic real estate investment company to fully unleash us to realise our purpose. The result is a business model that works for all stakeholders.

On top of our company, we have created Home.Earth Fonden - a foundation empowered to safeguard our purpose in the ultra long term and ensure that we always operate according to our purpose.

Our impact management is aligned with best-practice

Our Impact Framework is aligned with existing best practice to ensure comparability of data and methodologies. We build on top where we think it is necessary to go even further to raise the bar and deliver broader stakeholder value. Our ambition is clear: we want to be leaders within impact management.

40+ impact indicators across bottom-lines

We track 40+ impact indicators across the life-cycle of buildings. They influence which projects we decide to invest in, how we design and build buildings, how we operate buildings, and how we run Home.Earth - as it “starts with us”.

Realising our impact

The first Home.Earth projects are taking shape - in fact, you can already move into one of our homes.

Our projects

A new paradigm in real estate investing

We are proud of our community of diverse and aligned investors. They have joined us because of our innovative approach and strong value proposition across bottom-lines.
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