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A real estate company committed to doing things differently

We founded Home.Earth in 2021 to show that we can develop cities in balance with the interests of people, planet, and profit.

We offer homes and spaces designed to enhance quality of life for our tenants. We build and operate them with a much lower climate footprint than your average real estate company.

... and by working systematically with sustainability in everything we do, we are developing a future-proof real estate portfolio - ready to take on the challenge in all of Europe!

Why we are here

Buildings with a much lower climate footprint

We want to unite a great living experience with market-leading sustainability efforts across our carbon footprint, our energy systems, our material choices, our biodiversity impact and much more.

Shared spaces to foster community

Moving into a Home.Earth building means joining a community of diverse tenants. We always create plenty of shared spaces, where you can connect with your neighbours and friends.

Homes designed for affordability and quality of life

Our homes are affordable by design and we reduce - or fully remove - deposits and prepaid rent, to reduce the upfront financial barrier and make it easier for people to move in. As long-term owners of our buildings, we believe that affordability and high quality should go hand-in-hand!

Urban qualities in every project

We bring all we know about urban development into every Home.Earth project. To us, the good city is characterised by inclusivity and diversity in usage and its users, which is why most of our buildings have commercial spaces in the ground floors.

Our journey has begun

The first Home.Earth projects are taking shape - in fact, you can already move into one of our properties.
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Already living with us?

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Pushing urban innovation

Home.Earth is a knowledge company built on strong experience. We are collaborating with leading partners and researchers on developing innovative solutions within construction, technology, sustainability, social impact and much more. This enables us to maximise the value and impact of our real estate portfolio, benefitting both tenants, investors and our planet.

A future-proof real estate investment opportunity

At the core of our investment thesis is a strong belief that tackling the largest challenges our cities are facing also presents a unique opportunity. Home.Earth presents a resilient and future-proof investment opportunity for ambitious investors seeking a strong return across bottom-lines.
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The people behind Home.Earth

We have gathered an experienced group of people motivated to take on the challenge. Our team counts leaders within real estate investments, sustainability, urban development, architecture and much more.

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