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Real estate and the urban environment have a profound impact on all of us

We spend 90% of our lives inside buildings. And by 2050 almost 70% of us will live in cities.

The built environment enables life, community and culture. But at the same time, it fosters loneliness and health issues. It counts for almost 40% of global CO2 emissions. It is the biggest living expense for most people. And nowhere is growing inequality more visible than in how we live.

To overcome the challenges of population growth, climate change, growing inequality and social unrest, we need to move to a more conscious and responsible version of capitalism. A version that is market-based, but with equal priority for all stakeholders and with long-lasting impact.

We are a European real estate company setting out to develop urban communities with inclusivity, liveability and sustainability at its core. We do not have all the answers yet, but we aspire to join forces with likeminded investors and partners – and we are a team with the motivation, experience and ambition to be a pathfinder on this journey.

We are Home.Earth

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The challenges we see

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Our urban population is growing rapidly

And much faster than many of us realize. In just 30 years, we need to make room for an additional 2.3 billion people. That means building 10 additional cities the size of London - each year.

The growth is putting our cities under overwhelming pressure and the effects are visible everywhere. Loneliness and depression rates are on the rise. Our neighborhoods segregate, losing the diversity and vibrancy that make them great to live in.

We have created a planetary crisis

Our planet is overheating. Our biodiversity is reducing rapidly. Our natural resources are being depleted.

With 39% of global energy-related CO2 emissions, 47 Gigatons of raw materials used each year and 40% of global landfill waste, real estate plays a major role in our planetary crisis.

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Homeless people living in tents

Inequality is rising in developed and developing countries alike

Nowhere is inequality more evident than in where we live. We know that housing is a vehicle for equality, dignity, safety and stability, yet more and more people lack an adequate home. With population growth this will only continue.

Housing costs have outgrown income across European cities for decades. This increasingly leaves low- and middle-income families with the choice between deteriorating living conditions or being squeezed out of the cities they love. Today already, 1 in 8 Europeans overburdened by housing costs, while for bottom income earners, it is 1 in 3.

We need to do things differently

With an estimated 2 billion new homes needed globally by 2100, the result is obvious: business as usual is simply not an option.

We need scalable solutions to develop our cities in a sustainable, inclusive and liveable way.

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Our aspirations

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Urban communities that are great to live in

We aspire to bring all we know about urban development into every Home.Earth building. To us, a good city is characterized by inclusivity and diversity in use and its users. 

To get there, we believe in art and culture as an enabler for creative placemaking. We believe in community-enhancing design and technology that bring people closer together. And we believe in active ground floors to create vibrant neighborhoods that are great to live in.

Buildings developed in balance with our planet

We aspire to be a truly planet positive company. A company reducing CO2 in the atmosphere rather than adding to it. A company enhancing biodiversity in every community we enter.

We realize the magnitude of this aspiration – and we have no intention of taking shortcuts through too-good-to-be-true offsetting schemes. Instead, we believe that we can get there through embracing circularity, designing our buildings consciously, and investing to remove the carbon we cannot eliminate directly.

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Woman and baby in Copenhagen

Homes and spaces affordable to all groups of society

We aspire to work with like-minded investors and partners towards a more inclusive and fair real estate market. Access to adequate housing is a human right and to us that means using business to provide affordable and healthy homes for all income groups – including the homeless.

It also means ensuring that there are affordable spaces available for culture, local community activities and other uses at risk from gentrification.

We start building in the end of 2021

We are close to acquiring our first site and aim to begin construction towards the end of 2021. We are buzzing to start translating our aspirations into real homes and spaces.

Our initial focus will be on the largest cities in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

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Founding team

We are a team that share the desire to be a changemaker in the urban environment. Some of us have experience with real estate and construction, some with building purpose led organizations, while others understand how to enable communities.

Many of us are entrepreneurs. All of us care for each other and for the whole.

We are Home.Earth

Rasmus Nørgaard

Rasmus Nørgaard | Founder
Co-founder and board member of NREP, the largest real estate fund manager in the Nordic countries, where he served as CIO for 13 years. Background from McKinsey and Nordea.

I firmly believe that for all us to thrive in the urban landscape we need diverse and inclusive neighborhoods. I wish for Home.Earth to demonstrate a sustainable path towards this goal


Kasper Guldager Jensen

Kasper Guldager | Co-founder
Co-author of the 'Cradle to Cradle Manual' and 'Building a Circular Future’. Visiting professor in architecture in Munich, Delft and Calgary. Kasper is also a circular economy advisor for the Danish Government and the City of Amsterdam, and recently was appointed Chairman for the development of European Standards for Circular Construction.

I see architecture as a vehicle for change. In Home.Earth we believe in building communities and buildings that are climate positive and designed for life and social synergies. The goal is to create a scalable positive footprint for the many


Emil Bender Lassen

Emil Bender Lassen | Co-founder
Co-founder and ex-CEO of Project Access International, a global social mobility charity. Brings experience from McKinsey and is recognized by WEF as a Global Shaper.

What makes me tick about Home.Earth is the prospect of developing communities that accelerate rather than slow social mobility. That bring people closer together rather than fuel inequality and polarization


Philip Unger

Philip Unger | Co-founder
Former Engagement Manager from McKinsey & Company where he focused on sustainability topics. He holds a Master of Public Administration from the London School of Economics.

Developing and demonstrating a more sustainable and inclusive capitalist model without it compromising on efficiency is hugely meaningful to me


Christina Lykke

Christina Lykke | Co-founder
Project Manager at NREP, where she works across a number of projects including Tunnelfabrikken. Previous project manager for urban development at BRIQ, focusing on retail, community and creative placemaking

I'm super excited about Home.Earth's aspiration to bring everything we know about urban development into every building and community we develop


Soren Stig

Søren Stig | Co-founder
Ex-Chief Sustainability Officer at Maersk. Brings 10 years of experience in impact investing, having worked with organisations including Katapult Foundation and Nordic Impact

I am deeply motivated about our opportunity to create systemic change in the real estate industry by showing a new path forward and am looking forward to meet aligned investors, partners and community members


Karen Mosbech

Karen Mosbech | Co-founder
Ex-CEO of Freja Ejendomme, the Danish national real estate company. Previously served 14 years at the Danish Castles and Real Estate Agency and as CEO of Københavns Ejendomme.

What drew me to Home.Earth was the ambition of rethinking the sector all the way into the core - from new ways of operating buildings to higher sustainability standards


Diederik de Groot

Diederik de Groot | Co-founder
Social entrepreneur focusing on building inspired companies around primary human needs such as housing, health and personal development.

Our sense of wellbeing strongly correlates to the quality of our connection to ourselves, others and the world around us. Home.Earth has a strong commitment to have a positive impact on the quality of these.


Gernot Strube

Gernot Strube | Co-founder
Senior Partner Emeritus of McKinsey & Company. Served as Global Leader of the Capital Projects and Infrastructure group, with focus on technology in construction, modular buildings and smart cities.

For me Home.Earth is a platform combining the best global solutions from real estate, construction and other industries to build attractive urban places – and making a measurable difference in our world


Carel van Houte

Carel van Houte | Co-founder
Passionate building innovator and former board member of citizenM hotels. Internationally recognized expert on modular design and construction with an extensive background in industrial design and manufacturing.

To ensure a sustainable future, we need to change the way we design and build. I am very excited about Home.Earth's full commitment to driving this change


Nicole Maarsen, Co-founder of Home.Earth

Nicole Maarsen | Co-founder
Former board member at several Dutch-based real estate companies and branch organizations: Maarsen Groep, Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance, NEPROM and IVBN. 20+ years of experience as a developer and long-term investor.

Together with all stakeholders in the real estate value chain  - public and private -  we hope to create a movement for a really inclusive society challenging existing beliefs that make it so difficult to rent a house. We start from home!


Roland Slot

Roland Slot | Co-founder
Founder of Breathe. Former founder and Managing Partner of Aberkyn, and Partner at McKinsey & Company. Serial entrepreneur in software and Internet. Passion for emerging the potential in leaders, teams and organisations.

Home.Earth has the potential to inspire the real estate industry to serve all stakeholders and with that contribute to the evolution of our capitalist system towards a more inclusive and sustainable version


Mathias Beck

Mathias Elkjer Beck | Co-founder
Brings experience with investments and business development within the urban space from NREP.

The urban environment needs pathfinders to tackle today's challenges in a viable and scalable way. Let me introduce... Home.Earth!


Rasmus Juul-Nyholm

Rasmus Juul-Nyholm| Co-founder
Co-founder and chairman of leading Danish property manager Cobblestone. Founder and Chairman of the board of PropTech Denmark, Board member of EjendomDanmark, entrepreneur and investor in multiple startups in tech and real estate

We have to show that real estate is part of the solution and that the business model of real estate company can be reconfigured to serve the whole


Kristian Riis

Kristian Riis | Co-founder
Specialized in creative placemaking and data driven community building. Alongside Home.Earth, he is a partner in Volcano, Backscatter and CEO of NordicLA. He is also the guitarist of the Danish award-winning rock band Nephew

Art, culture and creativity within communities and placemaking are essential factors to start the movement towards inspiring lives, meaningful togetherness and a sustainable future


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In partnership with

NREP logo

Home.Earth is in many ways an extension of NREP and the purpose-driven journey Rasmus and NREP has been on. NREP generously supports Home.Earth with both resources and shared aspirations, and while Home.Earth is independent and controlled by its purpose, NREP will always be part of the story of Home.Earth

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Breathe logo

Breathe is an investment company that works with organizations with a purpose to be in service of the whole. The Breathe team is an integral part of Home.Earth and ensures alignment of purpose with values, culture and governance. Breathe also enables Home.Earth to organize according to the principles of Holacracy.

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