A new paradigm in real estate investing that focuses on growing the pie

We offer real estate investment opportunity delivering value across people, planet & profit

Home.Earth is a real estate company that design and develop properties with the intention to own and operate them in perpetuity.

We take a scalable product approach to multi-family homes that combines a new approach to tenant relations with industry leading sustainability performance. We aim to have active ground floors in our properties to contribute to vibrant neighbourhoods.

We focus on urban areas where needs and opportunities are greatest. We start in Copenhagen, with European ambitions.

Investing Home.Earth means investing in a future-proof real estate company with an EU Taxonomy aligned portfolio delivering a competitive return for people, planet and profit.

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Intro to Home.Earth

An evergreen company with long-term focus

We have set up Home.Earth as an evergreen company, meaning we will own our assets in perpetuity.

In an industry where most market participants have a 1-5 years time horizon, we can optimise decisions for long-term performance across design, maintenance, technology, and much more. This ultimately yields a better financial return.

Home.Earth is an integrated investor, developer and operator. We apply a ‘product approach’ to create a superior user experience, optimise life-cycle costs and minimise our planetary footprint.

In a fragmented industry, an integrated and long-term horizon enable better outcomes for investors, tenants and our planet through an iterative innovation and design process.

What’s more: Home.Earth is a real estate company - not a fund manager - which means that investors own the platform.

A platform approach with scalability and innovation at the core

Aligned with all stakeholders

In Home.Earth, investors receive 75% of the total profits, while tenants, team and the Home.Earth Foundation receive the remaining 25%.

By recognising tenants, we fully align incentives - this means lower churn, less costly conflicts, practically no vacancy, and strong social impact.

In other words, we are firm believers in sharing the pie, grows the pie for all - including our investors.

Best-in-class impact management

By working systematically with impact across the life-cycle of each project - from the investment decision to design & construction to the operations of a building - we are able to unite strong impact and financial performance.

Our portfolio is aligned with the EU Taxonomy enabling Article 8 and 9 funds to invest in Home.Earth. Our reporting and impact management strategies are integrated with best-practice.


An experienced and motivated team

We have united a group of senior leaders from real estate, investments, sustainability and operations to take on the challenge.

Our people

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