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3,000 years of innovation:

The real estate and construction sectors are held back by an under-investment in innovation. Short-term focus and fragmented value chains prevent the improvement of efficiency.

The lack of innovation has also resulted in an industry that is now responsible for 39% of global energy-related CO2 emissions and more than 30% of our waste. Changing the way we build provides a tremendous opportunity to drastically limit the environmental impact and improve the productivity of the construction sector at the same time.

We're a knowledge company enabled by partnerships

With a strong network of partners, we are creating new technologies that will enable us to improve the performance of our industry.

Along all axes, we are moving the needle. We create calculation tools that measure the environmental impact of real estate far beyond any method currently available. We create building methods for fully circular buildings with extremely low CO2 footprints.

And because we will keep our buildings for the long term, we implement long-term strategies on how we design, maintain and operate our properties efficiently with optimal comfort for our tenants and minimal environmental impact.

A Building Delivery System that will change the way we work

We do things differently. The time to design every new building as a unique object is coming to an end. And so is the standing practice of treating technical installations or maintenance as an afterthought.

We have created a set of standardised building elements that will allow our architects to create a wide range of different buildings with excellent architectural quality. By using off-site construction technologies, we will be able to create efficient and sustainable buildings while providing affordability and comfort for tenants.  

A tech-enabled process

Digitalisation is a critical enabler for all we do. Our architects are supported by artificial intelligence to generate layouts for our buildings and optimise their performance.

Next to automated building configurators, they work with a suite of bespoke tools that enable them to optimize CO2 performance, energy use, circularity, floor space efficiency, financial performance, and many other critical parameters that will help them to create superior designs.

Knowledge-sharing: Our innovation projects

To improve the social and environmental impact of the entire built environment, we need to reach beyond our own portfolio of projects.

For that reason, we initiate research projects that will bring value to the entire real estate sector. To maximise the impact, we will make the results freely available for all. These projects take place in collaboration with leading institutions and are funded by philanthropic grants.  

Bridge the gap

To accelerate the transition from traditional construction towards circular and CO2-saving building methods, we will create a public database and website where off-site building systems in the European market can be found and compared with clear instructions about how to use them.

The project is a collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark and the Delft Technical University in the Netherlands and is funded by a generous grant from the Aase and Ejnar Danielsens Foundation.

The Doughnut for Urban Development

Based on the Doughnut Economy principles by economist Kate Raworth, which define the social foundation and planetary boundaries of sustainable economic development, this project defines the impact of these boundaries at an urban development level.

The result will be a set of practical calculation tools for the real estate sector to help develop projects that provide sustainable communities with respect for the planetary boundaries.

The project is a collaboration with the Doughnut Economics Action Lab, the Stockholm Resilience Centre, BUILD, Sweco, EFFEKT, Vandkunsten, SLA, and the Danish Green Building Council, and is funded by a grant from Realdania. The first publication from the project is launched in June 2023.

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