February 23, 2023

Press Release: Home.Earth and Scandi Byg construct 158 residences with unusually low carbon footprint

Home.Earth is proud to announce its collaboration with Scandi Byg for the construction of the residential project 'Nærheden'.

Home.Earth, a newly established property company, is proud to announce its collaboration with Scandi Byg for the construction of a groundbreaking residential project. The project 'Nærheden' (Near [the] Heath) in Hedehusene will consist of 158 homes and is set to achieve an exceptionally low carbon footprint.

In line with the new climate requirements that came into effect on January 1, 2023, which mandate a maximum emission of 12 kilograms of CO2 equivalents per square meter per year for new constructions over 1,000 square meters, Home.Earth is committed to exceeding these standards. Their ambition is to halve the carbon footprint for their inaugural project through innovative and sustainable construction practices.

To realize this vision, Home.Earth has joined forces with Scandi Byg, a renowned company with extensive experience in constructing modular buildings with low carbon footprints. After conducting a comprehensive market analysis and interviewing over 20 companies in the modular construction sector, Home.Earth selected Scandi Byg due to their shared values of economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Kasper Guldager, co-founder of Home.Earth, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating

"We have a clear ambition to construct our new homes with the lowest possible carbon footprint and to develop thriving and sustainable communities. Scandi Byg's commitment to the green agenda aligns perfectly with our goals. They possess the expertise to meet our ambitions in areas such as circular economy, sustainable materials, and reduced CO2 emissions. Their professional mindset perfectly complements our vision for industrialized and scalable approaches to sustainable construction."

To ensure that the residences in Nærheden achieve a remarkably low carbon footprint, Home.Earth has engaged Scandi Byg as a valuable sparring partner and advisor from the early stages of the project. By fostering an open and honest dialogue, the collaboration aims to generate innovative ideas and optimize the construction system to achieve the best possible results.

The construction of the 158 homes will utilize modular timber construction, with approximately 200 modules to be manufactured at Scandi Byg's environmentally conscious factory in Løgstør. Home.Earth has developed its own material passport, emphasizing a healthy indoor climate and construction principles based on circular economy concepts.

Mads Skalborg Simonsen, Development Manager at Scandi Byg, states

"At Scandi Byg, we have extensive experience in constructing environmentally friendly buildings, with previous projects achieving carbon footprints as low as five kilograms of CO2 equivalents per square meter per year. By incorporating life cycle analysis and considering the total economy in the project development, we can prioritize quality and create long-term value for the client, residents, and the environment."

The project's design phase is already underway, and according to the schedule, Scandi Byg will commence module production in the summer. The construction is expected to be completed by spring 2024, providing residents with sustainable, energy-efficient homes that leave a minimal environmental impact.

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