May 13, 2022

Meeting our very first tenants at Filmlageret in Copenhagen

Last week, we met our very first tenants at Filmlageret, our first property in operations in Denmark.

Last week, we met our very first tenants at Filmlageret, our first property in operations in Denmark. We talked to them about how they feel in the property, what could be done better and where they see any potential problems. Our goal is to build trust-based relationships with our tenants and make them really feel at home in our buildings.

For us, a vibrant community is a top priority. So, we wanted to know how life works in the communal spaces, whether people use the kitchen to have dinner together, or whether it is just a utility room. We also try to make the best use of every square meter, pointing out that the garden and terraces should have some benches so people can hang out and socialise there. We also got some input on how to make the most of the basement parking, as there are many students living in our building who don't own a car and therefore don't need a parking space. We considered if it would be an option to use it as a car sharing or e-scooter parking space and if our tenants have other ideas for making use of the space.

How technology boost social life for tenants

We’re keen to understand how interaction takes place at Filmlageret - where connections are made, where dinners are shared, where work happens. To get a better picture, we have agreed with the tenants to install sensors in the communal areas, creating a heat map of activity. We hope to use these findings for our next investment, for instance if people would use a barbecue area and if it therefore makes sense to install one in our next investment, or whether we should convert the space into something else, e.g. a sandbox for children. In other words, we want to make the most out of the space we have and create a home for the people who live there.

The building at Strandlodsvej is made up of a mixed tenant population, which means that there are many students living there, but also families with children. This can lead to difficulties, especially when it comes to noise and nightlife. For that reason, we have set up a group to act as an open discussion forum where everyone who lives in our building can voice their opinion and have a transparent conversation about their concerns.

We are curious to see how things will develop and whether we succeed in increasing the satisfaction of our tenants by recognising and implementing their ideas. To succeed in creating great shared spaces and a solid social foundation for the community, we have brought in co-op expert Mattias Köppe and interior architect Marina Lykkesteen to help us.

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