February 7, 2024

Home.Earth wins Scandinavian Design Awards for Sustainability Achievement of the Year

Home.Earth wins Sustainability Achievement of the Year 2024 for the Doughnut for Urban Development.

At the annual Scandinavian Design Awards, Home.Earth was awarded Sustainability Achievement of the Year award for their work on the book "The Doughnut for Urban Development". This is Home.Earth's second award for their work for innovation and sustainability in the real estate industry. In the fall of 2023, Home.Earth won the award for Most Innovative Company of the Year at the EJENDOM2023 conference.

The annual Scandinavian Design Awards aim to recognize the best design, architecture, and interior design in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. The jury consists of a wide range of industry experts from various fields within the industry.

Home.Earth is nominated for being a pioneer in the real estate industry's journey towards sustainability by creating the book "The Doughnut for Urban Development" - a manual that builds on economist Kate Raworth's original Doughnut model. The manual is the first sector-specific application of this innovative concept, which has previously been used with remarkable success on a global scale and in urban planning.

Supported by Realdania, the manual also incorporates the Reduction Roadmap, which guides a path to establishing maximum emission targets for the construction sector. Home.Earth is testing and implementing in their own projects a framework and pathway towards urban development projects constructed in accordance with planetary boundaries. This book is a remarkable source of knowledge, inspiration, and guidance, and it is available as a free digital resource for everyone.

Co-founder Kasper Guldager states:

"It is thought-provoking that a real estate company receives an international design award for a book on Doughnut Economics. The award is interesting because it shows that we need to develop and apply new economic models to create companies with true triple bottom lines that can finance and scale sustainable design.
We were told that the design award went to the design of our business model, and because we not only talk about it, but actually do it and share our knowledge with the industry.
Home.Earth can only design tomorrow's cities and homes inclusively, socially, and sustainably because we balance financial, planetary, and social objectives and, for example, share some of our profits with our residents. The award is a huge recognition to the entire team behind the book. From the British economist Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics Action Lab to the Swedish climate scientist Johan Rockström's Stockholm Resilience Center, and not least the Danish anchoring in the construction industry through Realdania, EFFEKT, Vandkunsten, Sweco, DTU, SLA, BUILD, and the Council for Sustainable Construction."

The jury has given the following reason for choosing Home.Earth as the winner:

"The winner is a true leader in the real estate and urban development field. They have courageously been pioneering in creating a visionary framework firmly rooted in planetary boundaries, with inclusion, social sustainability, and economic viability at its core. Their generosity shines through as they offer this transformative framework to the industry for free, catalyzing a rapid adoption of these innovative ideals. Their unwavering commitment to industry innovation and sustainability is nothing short of inspiring, making them a highly deserving recipient of the Sustainability Achievement of the Year award. Home.Earth and EFFEKT are co-editors of the publication The Doughnut for Urban Development, which was developed in collaboration between BUILD - Institute for the Built Environment, DTU - Technical University of Denmark, Donut Economics Action Lab (DEAL), the Council for Sustainable Construction, EFFEKT, Home.Earth, SLA, Sweco Architects Denmark, Stockholm Resilience Center, and Tegnestuen Vandkunsten."

Founder and CEO, Rasmus Nørgaard, states:

"I am super proud and humble that Home.Earth is also internationally recognized for work that supports the necessary transition that the real estate industry must undergo to operate within planetary boundaries and create socially sustainable homes and communities. There are no shortcuts here, it's hard work and dedication, and we hope, as always, that we can inspire the industry to work in this direction. The collaboration with the other stakeholders on Doughnut for Urban Development also shows that we must collaborate to achieve the goals quickly enough."

For yderligere information kontakt venligst:

Kasper Guldager, medstifter af Home.Earth, tlf. 6120 1784 eller e-mail: kasper@home.earth

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