February 20, 2024

EU grants million support for new circular building system

Home.Earth receives million in support of the development of a new circular building system. 

Home.Earth and several major players in the construction market within timber construction and innovative building are joining forces in a new partnership and receives millionsupport to develop, test, and industrialize a new circular biogenic building system. The partnership includes Home.Earth, a:gain, Scandi Byg, Nordic Wood Industries, and Effekt, and the vision is to build a circular future through two focus areas.


We only have one planet, and with today's requirements in the building regulations, we exceed the planet's boundary by a factor of 10. Therefore, it is crucial that we find new ways of how we build within the planetary boundaries. This challenge is precisely what the real estate company Home.Earth is intensively working on finding solutions for, led by architect Kasper Guldager. They have thus brought together several major players in the construction industry in a partnership, which together will develop, test, and industrialize a new circular biogenic building system, where construction is done in prefabricated elements and modules.


"The construction industry builds from scratch every time and is less efficient today than it was 50 years ago. By producing off-site and thinking industrially, we can increase both productivity and circularity," says Kasper Guldager. Home.Earth's building system is designed to radically reduce the carbon footprint by building with bio-based materials, using upcycled products, and building circularly.

He continues:

"The advantage of industrializing the construction process is that, in addition to increasing productivity, it is much easier to prioritize building with reuse and easier to eliminate waste because it is easier to systematize in an industrial process. That way, you incorporate the circular mindset into the entire process," says Kasper Guldager.


Breaking down the silos of construction

Home.Earth and the rest of the partnership believe that the key to success lies in creating a platform with a tight value chain, where the silos of construction are broken down and replaced with integrated partnerships, built on transparency with open contracts, open economics, and repeated collaborations with mutual trust. Therefore, the million support should be used to think across the value chain and develop an industrial approach, thereby paving the way for success in circular construction.


"The goal is that we as a minimum develop a complete building system up to six stories in height with less than 4 kg/CO2/m2/year, where 90% of all materials can be reused at high value. But our ambition reaches much further than that. We aim to go well below the 4 kg. mark and achieve planetary sustainability, where we do not use more resources than the planet provides," concludes Kasper Guldager.

 In the partnership behind Home.Earth's building system is a:gain, working with industrial upcycling, Nordic Wood Industries, contributing to off-site manufacturing of floors, walls, facades,and insulation, and Scandi Byg, which can build smart modules and assemble the circular building system, along with Effekt to design and ensure feasibility of the build and recyclability.

To draw the perfect circle with the Circular Biogenic Building System, we must be building with industrially upcycled materials is necessary, and that is precisely a:gain's competency and role in partnerships. We work to make upcycled products available on a larger scale. "Where others see waste, we see opportunities," says Thomas Nygaard Hamann, CEO of a:gain.

In the wood industry group,Nordic Wood Industries, they are excited to be part of the partnership and the concept: "Home.Earth is leading with really good and strong ambitions regarding sustainability. It is an important agenda for us, and we are incredibly happy to expand cooperation with all the committed parties in the project," says Thomas Raunsbæk, Group CEO of Nordic Wood Industries.


Further, at the architectural firm Effekt, they are excited about the new partnership: "I am very much looking forward to the collaboration because this partnership provides the opportunity for us to create the innovation necessary to address both the climate crisis and the housing crisis at the sametime," says Tue Hesselberg Foged, co-founder of Effekt.


Closing Loops is realized together with We Build Denmark, the Board of Danish Business Promotion, and is co-financed by the European Union.

For further information:

Kasper Guldager, co-founder of Home.Earth,phone: +45 6120 1784, email: kasper@home.earth

Thomas Nygaard Hamann, CEO of a:gain, phone: +456080 6046, email: thomas@again.dk

Thomas Raunsbæk, CEO of Nordic WoodIndustries, phone: +45 3023 7915, email: tra@nowi.dk

Torben Bloch Nielsen, CEO of Scandi Byg,phone: +45 2522 5411, email: tbn@scandibyg.dk

Tue Hesselberg Foged, co-founder of Effekt,phone: +45 2628 2868, email: thf@effekt.dk

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EU grants million support for new circular building system

Home.Earth receives million in support of the development of a new circular building system. 

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