March 24, 2022

Bringing AI capabilities into our design phase

Creating great neighbourhoods and homes require optimisation for a loooong list of factor

Creating great neighbourhoods and homes require optimisation for a loooong list of factors - you want to maximise daylight in your flats, minimise noise pollution, and create as many sunny spots in your courtyards as possible. Naturally, optimising for so many different things is near impossible and often lead to suboptimal tradeoffs.By teaming up with Spacemaker AI, we can now apply a suite of AI tools to help solve these challenges. And we can do so in minutes instead of days, making it possible to explore what the perfect site programming looks like or how twisting a building 4 degrees might yield another hour of daylight.

Home.Earth collaborates with Spacemaker to develop AI tool that enables project planning at the early stages

Together with Spacemaker, Home.Earth will develop an AI tool that will allow us to define the early stages and basic options of a project. With our AI tool, we will be able to run a series of processes, test scenarios and thus determine the best possible solution. Our tool works like a database that lists the environmental impact of building materials and gives us an overall assessment of the building's impact. It allows us to quickly make changes and modify parameters by adjusting the materials used, and then automatically calculates a new LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).  In this way, we get closer to our original goal at the beginning of a project and can therefore minimise significant changes at a later stage of the project, which is usually time-consuming and costly.

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March 18, 2024

Home.Earth goes B Corp

We are B Corp certified and proud to join a global movement of businesses working to build a more inclusive and equitable economic system.

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February 20, 2024

EU grants million support for new circular building system

Home.Earth receives million in support of the development of a new circular building system. 

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