Home.Earth Nærheden

A vibrant hub for the neighboorhood

Nærheden is the first project we build ourselves from scratch. A hub for the entire neighborhood, Nærheden will consist of 158 inclusive homes and ~1,500 square meters of commercial space to bring life to the community.

Nærheden is a flagship project for Home.Earth, combining our aspirations across bottom-lines: from a market-leading CO2-footprint below 6 kg/m2/yr to an ambitious social agenda.

Blending community and sustainability in greater Copenhagen

A mixed-use development, offering approximately 10,000 sqm of residential space and 2,000 sqm of commercial space, aims to create a vibrant community in greater Copenhagen. The residential part will feature a mix of 153 apartments, designed with an expected average size of about 65 m² (gross). There will also be 4-6 commercial units on the ground floor.

Located in the emerging city district of "Nærheden" within the Municipality of Høje-Taastrup, this project presents an opportunity for tenants seeking a modern suburban lifestyle with seamless commuting access to Copenhagen. The capital city is conveniently reachable within just 20 minutes by train, ensuring easy connectivity.

What makes this development unique is its focus on smaller units, catering specifically to singles and couple. Our team currently awaits the municipality's decision on the development of these compact living spaces. Furthermore, the project strives to offer below-market rents and implement community-building initiatives that foster a sense of belonging among residents.

It's not just about finding a place to live - it's about finding a community.

Sustainable living redefined

With this project, we have set ourselves the target of achieving an environmental footprint that is 30% below the current Danish Voluntary Sustainability Class (FBK) for construction. To achieve this, we use a combination of carefully selected materials, minimize waste through offsite construction methods, and conduct life cycle assessments at an early stage to optimize the construction and design of our units.


Our first property with unique architecture highlighting it’s character. Industrial elements mix-matched with renovation and new designs. A place that fuels creativity and self expression.

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